Player Name: ChainlessJoe
Region: World (Brazil)
Formats played: SV NatDex DOU, XY DOU, SM DOU, Metronome Battles, any other thing if convinced it's funny
Are you interested in captaining?: not really but if asked I would do it
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Cao Jie

formerly iKiQ
Player Name: CaoJie
Region: the world
Formats played: SV DOU/SS DOU/SM DOU/BW DOU/DPP DOU/ AAA DOU/Stabmons DOU/Natdex DOU/bo7 All Generations DOU, Tekken7, any arcade beat them up/shoot'em up scoring/speedrun duel, Guild Wars 1 1v1s (can lend accounts). Can do pmuch everything else but that's my preferences
Are you interested in captaining?: No
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Player Name: Nephtyrix
Region: The World ( FRANCE ! near Listenbourg)
Formats played: Anything.
Are you interested in captaining?: No

Kings of Revolutions will regain Mississipi region ! (Btw it's better to get it free when we sold it before<3)
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B]Player Name[/B] Alice Kazumi
Region: world (Spain)
Formats played: Any random battle or challenge cup format like the second signup is fine for me, you can use me as a fill for these formats. If it's cc 2v2 preferable at least bo7 though. Also I can do IRL fighting but the american player is the one who has to travel, it would be a shame not only beating them up but making them pay medical bills as well if we do it in their country.

Are you interested in captaining?:No

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